A seagull waving a yellow flag at Sebastian Vettel's car, saying to another seagull "I don't think he's seen it, Margaret"

Here are the entrants in this year's F1 Losers League. 

Use these individual team pages to keep track of your Losers Team (add your team to your bookmarks!) and to spy on others.

If you're after the latest scores and leader boards, find updates on the Standings page and on the News & Results section of the website (race points here and other standings updates here).

F1 LOSERS TEAMS (links open in a new window)


  • you can adjust your team using the various options in the Repair Shop (also listed on your individual team page);

  • a Losers Team must always comprise three drivers and one constructor;

  • obey the Pit Garage Rule, which can now be found at the bottom of this page;

  • bear in mind that your constructor choice will earn points at a faster rate than the drivers on your team.

Haas driver saying "I'll have THAT loser"


To make things easier for non-F1 fans, the Losers League assigns every driver and constructor a different Pit Garage, lettered from A to J.

This means we have a Pit Garage Rule:
  • At any point in the season, all four choices for your Losers Team must be from a different Pit Garage.
So no mixing of letters when choosing your team.

As the season progresses, you can change your Losers Team in the Repair Shop, however, the Pit Garage Rule must be followed.