Team boss Lawrence Stroll saying to Fernando Alonso "I'm picking you for my Losers team"

Enter the 2023 F1 Losers League here.

Check the How It Works page to see, er, how this all works. See how Track Points are earned so you can pick the worst possible team members.

Your Losers team must comprise three drivers and one constructor, all of which are listed on the entry form below. Your entry must obey the Pit Garage Rule (no repeated letters in brackets), and remember that your constructor will earn Track Points at roughly twice the rate of your drivers.

We STRONGLY encourage entrants to enter a second team, just in case your first one tanks. Seriously. You'll enjoy the League way more.

The entry deadline is lights-out at the Bahrain grand prix on 5 March 2023. You can enter now to reserve your place, and change your team members as much as you want before entry deadline (just send us the form again or email us).

Haas driver saying "I'll have THAT loser"


Each team has their own personal team page where they (and their rivals) can keep track of their points earned, changes to their team line-up using Ejector Seats, and all their Boost ButtonPitlane Punt and Fast Forecast activity.

Here are the 2022 entrants.

Let's go further back. These are the personal team pages for the 2021 F1 Losers League. (Links open in a new window.)