A seagull waving a yellow flag at Sebastian Vettel's car, saying to another seagull "I don't think he's seen it, Margaret"

Fancy launching your bid to become the ultimate F1 failure?

Entries will open as soon as the driver and circuit line-up is fully confirmed for 2021. Use this form to let us know that you might want to enter the 2021 F1 Losers League. No commitment – just an expression of interest.

Scroll past this form for more entry information, and to learn about the all-important Pit Garage Rule.


The F1 Losers League is free to enter.  You can enter up to two Losers Teams. although because this is a one-idiot operation, the 2021 competition will be limited to 50 Losers Teams in total.

To create your Losers Team, you must select:
  • three drivers 
  • one constructor
Your Team selections are restricted by the Pit Garage Rule (see below).

Remember that, with their two cars, your constructor choice will earn points at a faster rate than the drivers on your team.

Haas driver saying "I'll have THAT loser"


To make things easier for non-F1 fans, the Losers League assigns every driver and constructor a different Pit Garage, lettered from A to J.

This means we have a Pit Garage Rule:
  • At any point in the season, all four choices for your Losers Team must be from a different Pit Garage.
So no mixing of letters when choosing or changing your team.

When picking your Losers Team at the start of the season, the selection tool will use the Pit Garage system to limit your options.

As the season progresses, you can change your Losers Team in the Repair Shop, however, the Pit Garage Rule must be followed.


Because entries are limited to 50, entry is first-come first-served.
  • Entry deadline is the start of qualifying at the first race of the 2021 season (date yet to be announced).

  • If you have entered a team, you can continue to freely make adjustments to your Losers Team right up to the entry deadline. So get that entry in early.

  • Once the season is underway, you must abide by League rules.