Ejector Seat

Your Losers team is not fixed. Use Ejector Seats throughout the season to change your team members in the hope of scoring more Track Points. [Jump to the form.]


Use Ejector Seats to dump team members that aren't scoring enough Track Points. You should do this regularly.

🪑 Launch ONE Ejector Seat to get rid of ONE driver or constructor from your team. 

🪑 Each Losers team can do this ONCE per race, amounting to 22 changes throughout the season. These will be listed on your personal team page.

🪑 When you get rid of a team member with an Ejector Seat, you will be asked to choose a replacement. The choice must abide by the Pit Garage Rule.

For a change to take effect for a weekend's race, the Seat must be launched before the scheduled race start on Sunday (or Saturday in Las Vegas). Your Ejectors will be listed on your personal team page.


💰 At each race, teams that are newly Ejected are eligible for an Ejector Bonus.

💰 The Bonus will go to the Losers Team with the highest Track-Pointing new team member. (Constructor points will be halved.)

💰 A Bonus is worth a team's current League position in points. For example, if your team is 4th in the championship, you get 4 points, and if your team is 24th in the championship, you get 24 points.

💰 If there is a tie, each team gets a Bonus.


⚠️ In the commentary for every race, we publish a Podium of Shame. This features the three lowest Track Pointing teams.

⚠️ If your team ends up in a Podium of Shame, we will automatically launch an Ejector Seat.
You will lose your current lowest Track Pointing team member. (Note for geeks: we calculate this per-car over the latest three races.)

⚠️ The replacement will be a high-Track Pointing driver or constructor randomly chosen by the League. As with all Ejector Seats, that choice will abide by the Pit Garage Rule.

⚠️ This doesn't affect your one-per-race Ejector Seat allocation: you can still Eject again. Auto-Ejected teams are eligible for the Ejector Bonus.

🪑 You can check your current team members on your personal team page. Have a look at possible replacements from these drivers and constructors, and how well they have Track Pointed in the Standings.

🪑 When choosing a replacement, you must obey the Pit Garage Rule

🪑 Launch your Ejector Seat(s) using the form below, going directly to the Google Form, or contacting us via Twitter or email.

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