Ejector Seat

Your Losers team is not fixed. Use Ejector Seats throughout the season to change your team members in the hope of scoring more Track Points. [Jump to the form.]


Use Ejector Seats to dump team members that aren't scoring enough Track Points. You should do this regularly.
  • Launch ONE Ejector Seat to get rid of ONE driver or constructor from your team. 
  • Each Losers team has ELEVEN Ejector Seats, allowing you to make eleven team changes throughout the season. These will be listed on your personal team page.
When you get rid of a team member with an Ejector Seat, you will be asked to choose a replacement. The choice must abide by the Pit Garage Rule.

You can make these changes whenever you wish. For a change to take effect for a weekend's race, the Seat must be launched by the start of the race on Sunday.


  • In the race immediately following Ejector Seat activity, if your team scores MORE Track Points than the previous race, the League will award you an Ejector Bribe of 5 points.
  • If your team doesn't score more Track Points, or just scores equal Track Points, you don't get this backhander. Tough.
  • These points will be given as part of your scores for that race.


If you're not scoring enough Track Points, one of your Ejector Seats might launch automatically.
  • If your team scores the lowest number of Track Points at a race, the League will automatically launch one of your Ejector Seats.
  • This will usually mean you lose your least-scoring driver. A random high-scoring replacement will be chosen by the League.
  • We will inform you of our decision a few days after the race.

Before you launch a Seat, you'll need to know how many Ejector Seats you have, and which team choice(s) you are replacing. 

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