Wednesday 5 April 2023

Standings after the 2023 Australian grand prix

Here are the latest standings following the 2023 Australian grand prix.

We thought Barge Bored would spend longer at the top of the standings, but a high-scoring Australian grand prix has really mixed things up. Our new League leader is The Spanish translation of Mancunian Badboy Racing, with Pierre Ghastly just one point behind. And look at Play to Win (Ultimate Champions), striding up half of the loserboard in one fell lunge.

While Piastri, Norris and McLaren remain at the top of their respective standings, things are much tighter for the drivers and constructors. De Vries is now just two points off being biggest loser. Alonso is the only driver still on zero Track Points.

It's ages until the next race, so plenty of time to choose a new high-scorer to join your team with an Ejector Seat.

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Losers team data in full: Australian grand prix 2023

Here is the complete Losers team data page for the 2023 Australian grand prix. It features all the Losers team scores at this race, including Track Points and points from Boosts, Forecasts, Punts and Ejector bonuses.

For the commentary page featuring just the Losers team highlights, see the commentary page. To see what Track Points we gave drivers and constructors, see the Track Points page.

Carry on reading the data.

Losers team commentary: Australian grand prix 2023

Two pink Alpine cars crashed out next to each other, one driver saying "do you come here often" and the other driver saying "shut up"


    1st  |  Pierre Ghastly  |  83  |  A lovely load of Track Points and the best Booster of the race
    2nd  |  The Spanish translation of Mancunian Badboy Racing  |  75  |  Largely down to a double Boost
    3rd  |  Play to Win (Ultimate Champions)  |  68  |  Oodles of Track Points and a bonus thanks to a fortuitous compulsory Ejector Seat
    4th  |  Smackhead19  |  46  |  The highest Track Pointing team of Australia, in a race full of high Track Points
    5th  |  Steady Jordan  |  41  |  Decent enough Track Points topped up by an Ejector bonus

    You can see the full scores for this race on the data page.

    Track Points for drivers and constructors: Australian grand prix 2023

    Charles Leclerc walking forlornly in full race suit, saying "IS THE LOSERS LEAGUE LOUNGE THIS WAY?"

    Drivers and constructors scored 216 Track Points at the this race. That's 50 points more than any other race this season. Cor blimey.

    On just the third corner of the race, Charles Leclerc made a stunning bid for Track Points when he crashed out of the Australian grand prix. It was the first of eight retirements, resulting in a huge haul of Track Points in one of the most entertaining races of recent times. Albon pirouetted into a barrier. Russell went on fire. Magnussen made a delightful smear on a wall.

    Then in the final restart sprint of the race, carnage ensued. The Alpine cars took each other out to ensure their place at the top of the constructor Track Points. And Sargeant rammed the backside of De Vries, sending both of their cars into the gravel. "Everything has gone wrong," rued Leclerc afterwards. The spirit of the Losers League was strong in Albert Park.

    Read on for all the Track Points in Australia.