A car crashing out on gravel at the Mugello grand prix, with letters spelling 10 POINTS

The drivers and constructor on your Losers Team earn Track Points at every race. This page explains how Track Points work.

Use Ejector Seats to change your team selections in an effort to score more Track Points.

You can add to Track points with Boost ButtonsFast Forecasts and Pitlane Punts: there are separate pages explaining these.

The League works out the maths for you, so you can simply focus on running the worst Losers Team possible. 

Track points graphic, all explained below

FINISH = 1 TO 10
  • A car earns 1 Track Point for every place it finishes outside the top ten in a race.
  • That means 11th is 1 Track Point, 12th is 2 Track Points, 13th is 3 Track Points and so on.

  • 5 Track Points go to the *race-finishing* car that drops down the order the most.
  • That means most cumulative places lost from grid position to race result. If there's a tie, each car gets the 5 Track Points.

  • 5 Track Points go to the car that drops down the order the most during sprint qualifying.
  • That means most cumulative places lost from sprint grid position to final sprint classification, *including DNFs*. If there's a tie, each car gets the 5 Track Points.

  • A car earns 10 Track Points if it doesn't finish a race.
  • Not starting a race also counts as a non-finish, unless there's a clear replacement.

  • 5 Track Points go to the car that retires first in a race.
  • If several cars retire at once, each car gets the 5 Track Points.

= 5

This increasingly erratic Track Points element changes depending on the date of the race.
  • Racedays in March & April (applies to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Australia and Italy): 5 Track Points to the car last on the grid.
  • Racedays in May & June: 5 Track Points to the car with the slowest pit time of the race (an example^).
  • Racedays in July & August: 5 Track Points to the race-finishing car that finishes the most number of places behind their teammate.
  • Racedays in September: 5 Track Points to the car that gets the biggest FIA penalty in a race weekend (chosen at the League's discretion).
  • Racedays in October: 5 Track Points to the car that most consistently finishes unlucky 13th across practice sessions, qualifying sessions and the race. Told you it got erratic.
  • Racedays in November: 5 Track Points to the car that retires *second* in the race.

 = 10

  • The F1 Losers League will arbitrarily award beige flags for fails, follies and fall-outs away from the racetrack. Boardroom battles, personal beefs, tittle tattle, that kind of thing.
  • Beige flags are worth 10 Track Points each, and are awarded directly to drivers or constructors. Expect three to four flags per race.


In the real world of Formula One, constructors have two cars in a race.

This means the constructor you have picked for your Losers team will earn Track Points at twice the rate of the drivers on your team. It's worth remembering this when choosing and changing your team.

The exception is the Beige Flag, which is not based on car performance. Flags are awarded directly to specific drivers and constructors.

Romain Grosjean in a Renault gift shop saying "A beige WHAT?!"


Let's say you have driver Lewis Hamilton on your Losers Team. Hamilton finishes 19th. That's 9 finish Track Points for you.

Let's say you have constructor Red Bull on your Losers Team. One of their cars finishes 12th and the other one retires. That's 12 Track Points for you (2 finish Track Points plus 10 retirement Track Points).

Let's say you have the indestructible Romain Grosjean on your Losers Team. He retires first in the race. He also gets caught shoplifting for fireproof caps in the Renault gift shop (you can tell we wrote this a couple of seasons ago) so the League awards him a beige flag. That's 25 Track Points for you (10 retirement Track Points plus 5 earliest exit Track Points plus 10 beige flag Track Points ).


If you're not scoring enough, use Ejector Seats to dump your team members in favour of a worse driver or constructor. You should do this regularly. You can also play Boost ButtonsFast Forecasts and Pitlane Punts. Some of these things happen automatically anyway – see the individual pages for more.


If a driver or constructor is replaced, a Losers Team will continue earning points with that direct replacement. Your Team details will be adjusted accordingly.

For example, a self-isolating Kimi Raikkonen was replaced at the 2021 Belgium and Monza grands prix by Robert Kubica. Any Losers Team with Raikkonen in their team would now earn Track Points with Kubica. A simple swap.

At the 2020 Sakhir grand prix, Jack Aitken replaced George Russell, while George Russell replaced Lewis Hamilton. This is more complicated. Following strict replacement rules, a Losers team with Russell in their team would now earn Track Points with Aitken, and *not* with Russell in a different car. Teams with Hamilton as a member would now earn Track Points with Russell.

If a team or driver drops out without a replacement, this is considered not finishing a race and will earn retirement Track Points.

The F1 Losers League will worry about the details. You just concentrate on being a total loser.


The final authority on any race stats is^.

A driver spraying themselves in the face with a champagne bottle marked "POINTS"