James Hunt complaining they missed his birthday party off the calendar

This is the calendar for the 2021 F1 Losers League season, including race dates and various League dates you need to know about. 

Losers Points and other site updates will be on the Wednesday following each grand prix.


March 27 (start of qualifying): F1 Losers League entry deadline

March 28: Grand prix – Bahrain

April 18: Grand prix – Italy (Imola)

April 21: First Pitlane Punts available (pick a Punt now)

May 2: Grand prix – Portugal (default DRS race)

May 9: Grand prix – Spain

May 23: Grand prix – Monaco

May 26: First Ejector Seat unlocked and ready to use

June 6: Grand prix – Azerbaijan (default DRS race)

June 20: Grand prix – France

June 27: Grand prix – Styria

June 30: Second Ejector Seat unlocked

July 4: Grand prix – Austria (default DRS race)

July 18: Grand prix – Britain

August 1: Grand prix – Hungary

August 4: Third Ejector Seat unlocked

August 9: Fast Forecast launched

August 29: Grand prix – Belgium (default DRS race)

September 1: Lucky Spanner now usable

September 5: Grand prix – Netherlands

September 12: Grand prix – Italy (Monza)

September 15: Fourth Ejector Seat unlocked

September 26: Grand prix – Russia (default DRS race)

October 10: Grand prix – Turkey

October 13: Fifth and final Ejector Seat unlocked

October 24: Grand prix – United States

November 7: Grand prix – Mexico

November 14: Grand prix – Brazil

November 21: Grand prix – Qatar

December 1: All unused Boost Buttons get pressed 

December 5: Grand prix – Saudi Arabia

December 12: Grand prix – Abu Dhabi

December 15: F1 Losers League champion announced