Pitlane Punt

A Pitlane Punt is a team action Losers Teams can take alongside Boost Buttons, Fast ForecastEjector Seats and the Lucky Spanner.

Think of Pitlane Punts as a betting shop, with the F1 Losers League acting as bookie. Gamble your hard-earned points on specific things happening. Punts come and go throughout the season and offer varying levels of risk and reward.

To play a Pitlane Punt, use the links below, see the latest Pitlane Punt listings here, or just email us.

Extended deadlines: You can now submit Pitlane Punts until the end of Saturday of the relevant race weekend.


As part of the results tool Break Assist, following every race one Losers Team will be forced to play a Pitlane Punt whether they like it or not. See more here.

Play the Mazespin Pitlane Punt