Thursday 26 May 2022

The Badger Dispatcher Punt (closed)

The Badger Dispatcher: Play this Pitlane Punt now

Daniel Ricciardo struggled in 2021. Daniel Ricciardo is struggling in 2022. The team is clearly disappointed in his performance.

Is the end of the line for the so-called "honey badger"?

Bet that any time in the next three months, Ricciardo will lose his 2023 McLaren seat. Read on to play this Punt.

The bet:

  • Bet that Daniel Ricciardo will lose his 2023 McLaren seat any time in the next three months.
  • The announcement must happen within three calendar months of this Punt being played.
  • This includes Ricciardo being sacked or Ricciardo choosing to leave the team.
  • If Ricciardo is replaced mid-season, we can assume this also means he's lost his 2023 seat.
The odds:
  • 8:1 odds.
The stake:

  • Up to 2 of your Losers Points.

Odds and stakes are likely to change as the situation develops.


  • If your bet was 2:1 odds with an 8-point stake, and Ricciardo loses his seat to Nikita Mazepin, then you win this Punt. Instead of paying your stake, you get 16 points.


  • There is no deadline for this Punt, although it will be withdrawn at the end of June.


  • The result will be announced in the scores for the race following the decision, or the race following the three month period, where your stake will be paid or your winnings given.

Use this form to place your bet (or email us). The League reserves the right to change the terms of this Punt without notice. There are other active Pitlane Punts. See them here.