NEW FOR 2022

Formula One isn't just about cars going vroom vroom. It's also about Crashgate, and Spygate, and Tyrrell sneaking lead shot into their fuel tanks.

That's why, new for 2022, we're offering Bribes to the teams participating in the F1 Losers League. Scandal!


  • In the race immediately following Ejector Seat activity, if your team scores MORE Track Points than the previous race, the League will award you an Ejector Bribe of 5 points.
  • This is to encourage you to use Ejector Seats to change your Losers team throughout the season.
  • Launch an Ejector Seat now


  • At every race, the Boosted team that scores the most basic Track Points (i.e. before any doubling) will be awarded a Boost Bribe of 5 points.
  • This is to encourage you to press your Boost Buttons out of sequence with other teams. You're more likely to get the Bribe with fewer teams Boosting.
  • Press a Boost Button now.

  • The League will add Bribes to some Pitlane Punts. This will happen later in the season when the F1 Losers championship is hotting up.
  • This is to encourage you to risks playing Punts. 
  • Gamble on a Pitlane Punts now.

  • If you correctly guess two Fast Forecasts in any one race, the League will award you a Forecast Bribe of 5 points.
  • This is to encourage you to be bold in your choice of Forecasts.
  • Predict a Fast Forecast now.

Each Bribe is also listed on its relevant page. We might increase the Bribe amounts at certain points in the season.


We've adjusted our points system for this year, changing Race Points into Track Points. The points elements aren't hugely different. These are the most significant changes:
  • We've added a 'Raceday Special' element which changes depending on the race, which might help with Boost strategies.
  • We've ditched the minus-25 point penalty for race wins. It was difficult to play with stats when a bunch of negative points are thrown into the mix. It'll tighten the field too. Only positive losing from now on!
  • Beige Flags have narrowed their focus slightly. Rather than fails during races, they will now just be about fails *away* from the racetrack (behind-the-scenes arguments and incidents). Much more scandalous!


This year, the amount of points you can win with Pitlane Punts has been greatly reduced. Teams scored as much as 160 points per Punt last year. The maximum per-Punt gain in 2022 will be closer to 20 / 25 points. We've slightly trimmed Fast Forecasts too.

There's a reason for this. We want teams to be much more interested in gaining points advantages with Ejector Seats, without those advantages being drowned by Punt gains. For this year, every team has a load more Seats, alongside several extra Boost Buttons.


There has been a shift in deadlines. Last year, deadlines for things like Pitlane Punts tended to be earlier in the race weekend. For example, Fast Forecasts had a Saturday deadline. 

Like old Father Time, we're resetting the clock! For 2022, most deadlines - including the deadline for entering the League - will be the start of the race on Sunday. Plenty of time to consider your team options before lights-out!


We're getting griddy with it. This is a more subtle change, so maybe only read this if you're a geek. We've increased our reliance on grid positions with the following changes:
  • For the Biggest Drop points element, we're now measuring the drop in places from *grid position* to race result, rather than from qualifying position to race result.
  • We've done the same for the Sprint Drop points element. In fact, the reason why we've made this adjustment is because the Sprint sessions have muddied the meaning of qualifying somewhat.
  • The Qualifying Forecast is now a Grid Position Forecast.
  • One of the new Raceday Special points elements is specifically about grid positions.

There are probably other changes worth reporting. We'll add them to this page when we think of them.