Wednesday 29 March 2023


Pitlane Punt: Zero Hero

After two races, AlphaTauri and McLaren remain on zero points in the FIA constructors championship.

Will they continue this stunning form? Bet that they will remain on zero after race number three. Read on to play this Punt.

The bet:

  • Bet that McLaren or AlphaTauri will remain on 0 championship points after Australia.
Your options:

  • Bet on AlphaTauri remaining on zero points
  • Bet on McLaren remaining on zero points
  • Bet on BOTH teams remaining on zero points

The odds:
  • 2:1 odds if you choose one team
  • 4:1 odds if you choose both teams
The stake:

  • 4 points
  • Or 2 points for cowards


  • This refers specifically to the 2023 F1 Australian grand prix
  • We're referring to the official F1 standings^ not the Losers League standings
  • This is following any post-race penalties that might rob each constructor of points


  • If you place this bet with a 7-point stake and your chosen team AlphaTauri accidentally race Albert Park in Robin Reliants, instead of paying your stake, you win 14 points


  • This must be played by the scheduled start of the race in question


  • Winnings will be given or stakes taken in the scores of the relevant race

To play this Punt:

The League reserves the right to change the terms of this Punt without notice. There are other active Pitlane Punts. See them here.