Wednesday 1 March 2023

Enter the 2023 F1 Losers League

F1 Losers League cartoon car

You have until lights-out at the first grand prix of the year, which is in Bahrain on March 5th, to enter the 2023 F1 Losers League.

Why should you enter this upside-down fantasy league? There's no reason why you should. There are far better ways to spend your time, such as crochet, beekeeping or naked ice hcokey.

However, if you want to enjoy this year's F1 season in a slightly skewed way, the F1 Losers League is for you. The League celebrates the backmarkers and blunderers of Formula One, not its front-runners and superstars. Get points for poor car performance, and build on those points as failures and follies beset this year's drivers.

In the Losers League, you earn Track Points. This erratic scoring system is explained here in full, but essentially you get the most points for cars finishing outside the top ten or retiring. You should pick three drivers and one constructor for your Losers Team that you think will earn most Track Points.

Your team is not fixed! You can change your team using Ejector Seats. This year, you get one per race. If a team member isn't pulling in the points, eject them into the stratosphere and pick a worse replacement. Yes, worse! This is a Loser's League after all.

That's the core of the League. In addition to this, there are Boost Buttons, Fast Forecasts and ever-changing Pitlane Punts. If you're brand new to the League, deal with these later. Just get your entry in.

We strongly encourage entrants to enter TWO teams. You don't have to, but it's quite nice to have a back-up if one of your teams seems permanently dead in the water.

Go on. Enter now. Don't miss the deadline. And do tell your friends - you can tag us on social media (accounts listed on our contact page).

Happy losing!

Create a team, earn track points, boosts, ejects, punts, forecasts