Thursday 1 October 2020

The F1 Losers League launches for the 2021 season

Sparks flying off an F1 car. Driver saying "sorry, I dropped my cigarette"

Welcome to the F1 Losers League, an upside-down fantasy league celebrating the blunders and backmarkers of Formula One. 

The League will launch for the 2021 season, and entry is free. Curious? Register your interest on the Entries page.

Why a losers league?

The podium-pleasers can keep their champagne. It's time to celebrate the stragglers and the strugglers of Formula One. We're inspired by the back of the grid and F1's most entertaining fails, such as:

  • Nigel Mansell waving at fans and stalling his engine in the final lap of the 1991 Canadian grand prix. Oh, Nigel.

  • BAR's eye-watering split livery in 1999, with an actual zip design running up its middle.

  • The Flavio Briatore 'Crashgate' race-fixing scandal – don't be silly, you can't have gates in F1

  • Tyrrell secretly spilling lead shot into their cars before weigh-ins, like a rubbish Great Escape.

  • That bit when a car pulls out of a pitstop and its tyre comes off. We always like it when that happens.

  • James Hunt punching a marshal. Kimi Raikkonen saying he went for a sh*t. Minardi's Adrian Campos's disqualification for forgetting his earplugs. We could go on.

And to be honest, being silly about Formula One helps with those genuinely painful moments, such as Michelin's tyre travesty at the six-car 2005 US grand prix. *shudders*

We also ask the big questions. Why did Damon Hill only race on the flat? Why was Nicki Lauda's car the same volume as all the others? Why was Scott Speed a less successful driver than Lance Stroll?


Read the How It Works page and our guide to the unique but simple Scoring system to understand our wonky approach to this wonderful sport. 

The F1 Losers League will guide you through the season as you try and earn more Losers Points with DRS (Double Race Scores) and Pitlane Punts, and make big changes to your Losers Team with Ejector Seats and the dreaded Lucky Spanner.

You have until the start of qualifying at the first race of 2021 to enter your Losers Team in the hope of becoming F1 Losers Champion.

Entries are now open for the 2021 F1 Losers League.