Boost Button

    Use Boost Buttons to multiply your Track Points at selected races. [Jump to the form.]


    Use Boost Buttons to gain a tactical advantage over your less attentive competitors – or press them randomly for fun.

    🔴 When you press a Boost Button, your Track Points for the next TWO races are doubled.

    🔴 Each Losers Team gets FIVE Boost Buttons to last the season.

    🔴 Boost Buttons can be pressed at any time. Once a Button is pressed, it is spent and cannot be used again.

    🔴 You can press more than one of your Boost Buttons, increasing your multiplier. One Button doubles your Track Points, two Buttons treble your Track Points, and so on.

    For a change to take effect for a weekend's race, the Seat must be launched by the scheduled race start. Your Buttons will be listed on your personal team page.


    ⚠️ The League will automatically press all unpressed Boost Buttons on November 11th.

    ⚠️ This will lead to a frenzy of extra points in the last two races of the season. It's likely that many teams will be on 6X Track Points!
    🔴 Press a Boost Button(s) using the form below, going directly to the Google Form, or contacting us via Twitter or email.

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