Boost Button

    Press a Boost Button to multiply your Track Points. [Jump to the form.]


    Use your Boost Buttons to gain a tactical advantage over your less attentive competitors – or press them randomly for fun.

    • When you press a Boost Button, your Track Points for the next TWO races are doubled.

    • Each Losers Team gets FIVE Boost Buttons to last the season. Your Buttons will be listed on your personal team page.

    Boost Buttons can be pressed at any time. Once a Button is pressed, it is spent and cannot be used again.

    For the Track Points doubling to take effect for a weekend's race, the Button must be pressed by the start of the race on Sunday.

    You can press more than one of your Boost Buttons, increasing your race multiplier. One Button doubles your Track Points, two Buttons treble your Track Points, and so on.


    • At every race, the Boosted team that scores the most basic Track Points (i.e. before any Boost doubling) will be awarded a Boost Bribe of 5 points.

    • This is to encourage you to Boost out of sequence with other teams, especially as most Buttons will be Self-Boosting (see below).

    • If you're not Boosted, or don't score enough Track Points, you don't get this sweetener. Hard cheese.


    Watch out for automatic Boosts Buttons:
    • If your team goes half-a-dozen races with no Boost Button activity at all, the League will automatically press one of your Boost Buttons.

    • If this happens to your team, it will be announced in the relevant race scores and on your personal team page.

    • Additionally, the League will automatically press all unpressed Boost Buttons on November 1st, leading to a frenzy of extra points at the end of the season.

    Remember: Boost multiplying applies to Track Points only.

    Press a Boost Button(s) using the form below or contact us via Twitter or email.

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