Boost Button

Boost Buttons are a team action Losers Teams can take alongside Pitlane PuntsFast ForecastEjector Seats and the Lucky Spanner

This replaces the DRS (Double Race Scores) system.

Note: There's no point in pressing your Boost Button now. For the last two races of the season, all unpressed Boost Buttons will be automatically pressed. Double and treble points all round!


When you press a Boost Button, your race points for the next TWO races are doubled.

  • This means doubling of race points you earn from drivers and constructors.
  • Every Losers Team gets two Boost Buttons. 
  • Press either Button at any time.
  • Once pressed, a Boost Button is spent and can’t be used again.

Submit by the end of Saturday for the Boost to take effect for that weekend's grand prix. Keep track of your Boost Buttons on your personal team page.

All unpressed Boost Buttons will be automatically pressed on December 1st. Expect plenty of multiple scores for the last two races of the season.

Want an extra boost? You can run more than one Boost Buttons at a time if you think it will give you a strategic advantage. A race with one Boost applied doubles your scores. A race with two Boosts applied triples your scores. Just submit the form again to press a second Button.

NB: Boost doubling applies to race points, and not to points lost or gained from Fast Forecasts or Pitlane Punts.

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