Fast Forecast

Try to add to your Track Points by making a Fast Forecast prediction. It's quick and easy and doesn't cost much if it goes wrong. [Jump to the form.]


Each team can play up to THREE Fast Forecasts per race, in any combination of the following options.

To play a Fast Forecast

  1. select the type of prediction you want to make

  2. choose the driver you want to make that prediction for

Here are the predictions you can make:

  • Grid Position Forecast
    Predict which driver will line up a mediocre 16th on Sunday's grid line-up

  • Opening Lap Forecast
    Predict which driver will drop at least three places on the opening lap of the race

  • Race Result Forecast
    Predict which driver's final race result will be 11th, just outside of championship points

This is how you score:
  • If you predict a perfect Forecast, you win 20 points. 

  • If you predict a close Forecast (within two places for the grid and race predictions, or dropping at least one place on the opening lap), you win 5 points. 

  • Any other outcome costs you 5 points, unless placed on Flash Fast Forecast Freebie day on Mayday (see above).

For the Opening Lap and the Race Result, submit by the start of the race on Sunday for your Fast Forecast to apply to that weekend's race. For the Grid Position, submit by the start of Saturday qualifying or the start of the Saturday sprint session, whichever is relevant. 

Keep track of your Fast Forecasts on your personal team page.

  • If you predict at least TWO perfect or close Fast Forecasts in any one race, the League will award you a Forecast Bribe of 5 points.
  • This change, introduced in July 2022, is different to the previous requirement of predicting just two exactly correct Forecasts.
  • These points will be given as part of your scores for that race.


If you're not scoring enough Track Points, you may be made to play a Fast Forecast:
  • If your team scores among the fewest number of Track Points at a race, the League may automatically make you play a Fast Forecast for the next race in the season.
  • The choice of Forecast will be randomly generated from a League list of viable options.
  • If the Forecast fails, the League will waive any points owed. We're nice like that.
  • We will inform you of our decision a few days after the race.

Predict using the form below (you can use the form again to make a second or third prediction) or contact us via Twitter or email