Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Standings after the Miami grand prix 2022

Here the latest standings following the 2022 Miami grand prix.

Team Name and Your Answer remain at the top of the loserboard. But with all of their Boost Buttons now pressed and out of the way, how quickly will other teams catch up?  The biggest riser is Henry's Motors, while Vladimir Mazepin, Pierre Ghastly and Strolling the ranks all reach new highs in the Standings.

Nicholas Latifi regains the lead of the driver rankings, and look at Magnussen shooting up nine places to 5th. Williams are still the most losing team, and that battle for third-worst constructor behind Aston Martin is looking very tight. These new cars really can race closely behind each other!

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Losers team commentary: Miami grand prix 2022

Valtteri Bottas gesturing aimlessly, saying to his partner "IS THIS THE INVISIBLE FAKE MARINA? AM I CLOSE?"


  • Your Answer topped the points at the Miami grand prix. 1st place with 152 points looks impressive. However, read on: their Boost Button usage was nothing less than an unmitigated disaster.
  • They boosted! They punted! They ejected! Their forecasted! Nikita Putin well and truly earned themselves 2nd place with 141 points.
  • Vladimir Mazepin nailed the Miami 5-0 Pitlane Punt. 3rd place and 140 points for them, just 1 point behind sister team Nikita Putin. Do we detect some jealousy brewing?
  • A solid performance underpinned by a good Track Points boost was the key to Pierre Ghastly's 128 points and 4th place in Miami.
  • Henry's Motors also did well with the Miami 5-0 Punt and a Boost Button. 5th place and 94 points, thank you very much.
  • And My heart will Grosjean rounds up our Miami top six with 77 lovely points.
This is the commentary page for the Miami grand prix, featuring highlights of the Losers team action. For this race's full Losers team data featuring everyone's scores, see the data page.

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Losers team data: Miami grand prix 2022

Here is the complete Losers team data page for the Miami grand prix. It features all the Losers team scores at this race, including Track Points and points from Boosts, Forecasts, Punts and Ejector bribes. 

For the commentary page featuring just the Losers team highlights, see the commentary page.

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Track Points for drivers and constructors: Miami grand prix 2022

Mick Schumacher saying to Kevin Magnussen "I GOT 10 TRACK POINTS. HOW MANY DID YOU GET?" with Magnussen smiling

The Miami grand prix felt like a Formula E track, baby. This isn't an insult, as Formula E is brilliant. But it perhaps lacked good racing, with all of the pizazz reserved for the celebrity-packed pitlane and the bizarrely fake marina. It took a safety car from Gasly and Norris's terrifyingly high-impact collision to bring out the kind of chaos we love here at the F1 Losers League, baby.

Magnussen was so full of promise, but here he is topping the Track Points in Miami with a last-lap retirement after a clash with Lance Stroll. Zhou is just behind him, with his second 15-pointer in two races. For races in May and June, the Raceday Special points element pivots to slowest pit lane time: take a bow, inaugural slow-pitter Mick Schumacher, baby.

McLaren, Aston Martin and Haas all scored their highest Track Points of the season. Lando Norris said he ended his race "in a silly way"^, so we take this to mean McLaren are allowing their drivers to wear clown wigs and squirty flower pins. Not sure how this sits with the jewellery ban, but each to their own, baby.

Oh the "baby" comments? Let's explain. This is in tribute to the post-race interviews by the incredible Willy T Ribbs, who said "Great job, baby" to Carlos Sainz and "Awesome job, baby" to Max Verstappen. In fact, his full comment to Verstappen is worth printing here in full:

"Awesome job, baby. Awesome job. All right, champ. Hey, Muhammad Ali told me that when you’re champ, Christmas Day is every day, so another Christmas... plus you're in good shape son, you’re ready to get into the boxing ring?"

Ho, ho, ho, baby.

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