Monday 4 October 2021

Pitlane Punt: The Mazespin (closed)

The Mazespin: play this Pitlane Punt


Something fundamental has changed in the tectonic plates of Formula One. The end of Mercedes' dominance? The retirement of Kimi? No. Nikita Mazepin has stopped sending his car into a spin.

Surely this is not the end of the Maze-spin?

Bet on Nikita Mazepin spinning his car on a specified grand prix weekend. Read on to play this Punt.

The bet:

  • Bet that Nikita Mazepin will lose control of his car and send it into a spin.
  • The statistical authority of this Punt will be the website^.
The odds:
  • 3:1 odds
The stake:

  • Up to 30 of your Losers Points


  • If your bet was 3:1 odds with a 30-point stake, and Mazepin performs a pirouette in São Paulo, you'll get back your 30-point stake plus winnings of 90 points


  • This Punt can be played up to the end of the Saturday of your chosen race weekend, although spins before your submission don't count, obviously.


  • The result will be announced in the scores for your chosen race, where your stake will be paid or your winnings given.

Use this form to place your bet (or email us). The League reserves the right to change the terms of this Punt without notice. There are other active Pitlane Punts. See them here.