Monday 4 October 2021

Pitlane Punt: Better Than Vettel (closed)

Better than Vettel: play this Pitlane Punt


Daddy's boy Lance Stroll continues to land better race results than multiple world champion Sebastian Vettel, with Vettel's biggest podium moment of 2021 ending in disqualification.

Can this continue?

Bet on Sebastian Vettel finishing a selected race at least five places behind his teammate Lance Stroll. Read on to play this Punt.

The bet: 

    • Bet that Vettel's finishing position will be at least five places behind Stroll's finishing position at a selected grand prix
    • For the sake of this Punt, not finishing a grand prix is measured as the equivalent of finishing 20th.
    The odds:
    • 3:1 odds
    The stake:

    • Up to 30 of your Losers Points


    • For example, if Stroll wins in Qatar and Vettel finishes 6th, not only will we all be very surprised, instead of paying a stake of, say, 30 points, you get 90 points.


    • This Punt can be played up to the end of the Saturday of your selected race weekend. 


    • The result will be announced in the scores for your chosen race, where your stake will be paid or your winnings given.

    Use this form to place your bet (or email us). The League reserves the right to change the terms of this Punt without notice. There are other active Pitlane Punts. See them here.