Team: Nikita Mazepimp

This is your losers team

This is a page especially dedicated to this Losers team:

Nikita Mazepimp

Driver: Latifi A

Driver: Giovinazzi C

Driver: Sainz E

Constructor: Haas B

This page is designed to help you keep track of your team. Other Losers teams can also see this page. Maybe they're spying on you. Maybe they're totally jealous because you pimped your Nikita so well. So many sequins! Such is the cut-throat world of F1 Losers.

We won't include points on this page: this is more about the mechanics of your team. Find points information on the Standings page and on the News & Results section of the website (race points here and other standings updates here).


Each team gets nine DRS (Double Race Scores) to play. Apply a DRS to a race, double your scores! 

By default, they'll activate at every third race, but you might want to shuffle them. 

These are this team's default DRS races. To change this, go to the DRS section of the Repair Shop.

May 2 Portugal | Jun 6 Azerbaijan | Jul 4 Austria | Aug 29 Belgium | Sep 26 Russia | Oct 24 United States | Nov 21 Australia | Dec 5 Saudi Arabia | Dec 12 Abu Dhabi

(Changes made? Marked with a *)

Your Pitlane Punts

Pitlane Punts

A Pitlane Punt is a bet. The Losers League is the bookmaker and will publish bets that you can choose to gamble on. No money involved: you stake points and hopefully win even more points.

The first Pitlane Punts will appear from Apr 21st.

When you play a Pitlane Punt, we'll include it on this page so you can remember what you have won and lost.

To play a Punt, go to the Pitlane Punts section of the Repair Shop.

Your Ejector Seats

Ejector Seats

Launch Ejector Seats to change your driver and constructor choices (listed at the top of this page).

Each team gets five Ejector Seats. Launch one Seat to replace a driver: launch two Seats to replace a constructor.

To make things harder, you have to wait until the League unlocks your Seats in order to use them. This is the status of this team's Ejector Seats:

Ejector Seat 1: Locked. Will be unlocked on May 26
Ejector Seat 1: Locked. Will be unlocked on Jun 30
Ejector Seat 1: Locked. Will be unlocked on Aug 4
Ejector Seat 1: Locked. Will be unlocked on Sep 15
Ejector Seat 1: Locked. Will be unlocked on Oct 13

To launch Ejector Seats, go to the Ejector Seat section of the Repair Shop.

Your Lucky Spanner

Lucky Spanner

The Lucky Spanner is extreme and ridiculous. It resets all of your team choices but in a really risky way. You probably won't need it. Or will you?

The Lucky Spanner is usable from Sep 1.

To read about how to use the Lucky Spanner, go to the Lucky Spanner section of the Repair Shop.

Good luck, loser. May all of your dreams crash into tyre barriers because your nuts fell off. Have questions? Contact the League.