2022 Losers Team: Pierre Ghastly

 Drivers: Schumacher A  |  Zhou B  |  Latifi C Constructor: Aston Martin D

Drivers: Schumacher A | Zhou B  |  Latifi C
Constructor: Aston Martin D

Team principal: Steve Parker (Twitter^)
Sister team: My heart will Grosjean
Last year: Pierre Ghastly (4th)

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Pierre Ghastly












Aston Martin



Stroll (3 races)


Haas (3 races)


Track Points Total


plus Ejector bribes


plus Boost points


plus Forecast points


plus Punt points


Grand Total


Ejector Seats used

2 / 11


Your Ejector Seats

These are the Ejector Seats played by this team:

Aston Martin replaces Haas  |  Schumacher replaces Stroll  |  Ejector Seat 3 not triggered  |  Ejector Seat 4 not triggered   |  Ejector Seat 5 not triggered  |  Ejector Seat 6 not triggered  |  Ejector Seat 7 not triggered  |  Ejector Seat 8 not triggered  |  Ejector Seat 9 not triggered  |  Ejector Seat 10 not triggered  |  Ejector Seat 11 not triggered 

If this team scores the lowest Track Points at a race, an Ejector Seat will automatically trigger, replacing this team's lowest scoring driver. To launch Ejector Seats, go to the Ejector Seat page.

Your Boost Buttons

These are the Boost Buttons played by this team:

Boost Button 1 pressed for Bahrain and Saudi Arabia  |  Boost Button 2 pressed for Miami and Spain  |  Boost Button 3 pressed for Spain and Monaco  |  Boost Button 4 pressed for Canada and Britain  |  Boost Button 5 not pressed 

If this team ignores its Boost Buttons, one will automatically press at the Singapore Grand Prix. To press a Boost Button, go to the Boost Button page.

Your Fast Forecasts

This team has played the following Fast Forecasts:

  • Opening Lap Forecast (Freebie offer)  |  Sainz  |  Won 5 points in Miami 
  • Grid Position Forecast (Freebie offer  |  Gasly  |  Lost 0 points in Miami 
  • Race Result Forecast (Freebie offer  |  Gasly  |  Lost 0 points in Miami 

If this team scores very low Track Points, a Fast Forecast may automatically be played. To play a Fast Forecast, go to the Fast Forecast page.

Your Pitlane Punts

This team has played the following Pitlane Punts:

  • The Nicholas Nudge Punt  |  3 pts at 3:1  |  Won 9 points in Australia 
  • The Williams You Are Really Nothing Punt  |  3 pts at 3:1  |  Won 9 points in Australia 
  • The Top of the Crop Stop Punt  |  6 pts at 3:1  |  Won 18 points in Emilia Romagna 
  • The Gloomy Schumi Punt  |  5 pts at 2:1  |  Won 10 points in Azerbaijan 
  • The Williams You Are Really Nothing Punt  |  6 pts at 3:1  |  Result in Canada 

If this team scores very low Track Points, a Pitlane Punt may automatically be played. To play a Punt, go to the Pitlane Punt page.

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