Thursday 17 November 2022

Losers team commentary: Brazil grand prix 2022

verstappen saying "no i won't be giving sergio my track points"


    1st  |  Cruther’s Junior and less well funded team B  |  213
    2nd  |  Spoiler Alert  |  180
    3rd  |  Sainz-Tropez  |  102
    4th  |  Alpine Fresh  |  125
    5th  |  It's a Trap Lando  |  120
    6th  |  Mancunian Badboy Racing  |  117

    This commentary page shows just the Losers team highlights for the Brazil grand prix. For the full Losers scores, see the data page.


    Your drivers and constructor earn Track Points for your team, which can then be added to with Boosts, Punts and Forecasts, and improved with Ejector Seats. Here are the Losers teams that earned the most Track Points in this race.

    🔢 Cruther’s Junior and less well funded team B scored 52 Track Points, better than any other team, and great basis for three Boost Buttons

    🔢 Arch rivals Nikita Putin and Strolling the ranks each came away with 46 Track Points, both helped by the tribulations of Ricciardo and Haas

    🔢 Magnussen helped Spoiler Alert in their tally of 45 Track Points, with three Boost Buttons turning that into a stonking score

    🔢 Work Shop Boys brought home 44 Track Points despite Bottas scoring zero.

    🔢 And Hot Hot Hovercraft complete our top Track Pointers with 40.

    This commentary page shows just the Losers team highlights for the Brazil grand prix. For the full Losers scores, see the data page.


    The three lowest Track Pointing teams at each race will be made to play automatic team actions. Next year, we're going to make all Podium of Shame teams launch an Ejector Seat, so consider yourself lucky, losers listed here.

    😳 Cockpit Misfits will be made to play an automatic Race Result Forecast.

    😳 Tied on second-to-last worst Track Points are Cruther’s Car Co. and Panda Pops. They're being forced into a Prancing Duck and a Lax Max Climax punt respectively.

    😳 VroomerDoomer were the worst Track Pointer in Brazil. We will automatically eject Zhou from their team, and replace him with Tsunoda.

    Teams featured in this Podium of Shame will have any resulting points losses waived. Team pages will be updated soon.


      If you Eject team members and at the next race, you earn more Track Points than the previous pre-Ejected race, you get a 5-point Ejector bribe.

      💺  Alpine Fresh: 5-point bribe
      💺  Scrapyard 17: no bribe, just sadness

      One final chance to launch an Ejector Seat.


        Here are the teams that played Boost Buttons in Brazil. Regardless of how many Buttons pressed, we've split boosted teams into streams so you can see which teams benefited and which teams wasted a good Button.

        🔴 Best Boosts: Cruther’s Junior and less well funded team B, Nikita Putin, Spoiler Alert, Work Shop Boys, Hot Hot Hovercraft, Mancunian Badboy Racing, What Verstappened

        🔴 Okay Boosts: Double DaleySainz-TropezHenry's MotorsAlfa DaleyパンダポップAlpine FreshIt's a Trap Lando, Group Team Name

        🔴 Bad Boosts: Vladimir MazepinThe Blue Flag BoysTardi MinardiPanda PopsCruther’s Car Co., VroomerDoomer

        Boost Buttons are now closed for the season. We'll have a whole load more multiple boosts in Abu Dhabi.

            It's 20 points for a perfect Fast Forecast prediction, 5 points if it's close (within two places for the grid and race predictions, or dropping at least one place on the opening lap), and minus-5 for any other guess. We now give a 'bribe' of 5 extra points to any team that makes two perfect or close guesses.

            Grid Position Forecast  |  Perfect = Ocon  |  Close = Latifi, Alonso, Stroll, Bottas
            Opening Lap Forecast  |  Perfect = no-one  |  Close = Leclerc
            Race Result Forecast  |  Perfect = Vettel  |  Close = Schumacher, Zhou, Stroll, Bottas

            🔮 Perfect scores: None - as with this race's Pitlane Punts, your Forecasts bombed badly!

            🔮 Close scores: Camber Gamblers, Cockpit Misfits, Nikita Putin, Strolling the Ranks, Vladimir Mazepin, What Verstappened

            🔮 Wrong guesses: everyone else

            If this race proves anything, Fast Forecasts are a complete waste of time and a great way to lose points. With that in mind, make a  Fast Forecast for the final race of the season! Go on! Do it!

            PITLANE PUNTS IN 

            ❌ Failed: Bernie Earner  |  In Brazil, not a single punt landed - a wipe-out across the board, including our final Bernie better  |  Lost by: Alpine Fresh (auto)

            ❌ Failed: Best Laid El-Plans Punt  |  A cataclysmic punt failure thanks to McLaren's worst result of the season   |  Lost by: Alfa Daley, Double Daley, Nikita Putin, Strolling the ranks, Vladimir Mazepin, What Verstappened, Work Shop Boys 

            ❌ Failed: Nicholas Nudge Punt  |  Come on, Nicky, hit a traffic cone, a pigeon, anything!  |  Lost by: Alfa Daley, Cockpit Misfits, Double Daley, Nikita Putin, Strolling the Ranks, Vladimir Mazepin, What Verstappened, Work Shop Boys 

            ❌ Failed: Prancing Duck Punt  |  Sainz stuck it on the podium to accompany Mercedes' 1-2  |  Lost by: 
            Alfa Daley, Hot Hot Hovercraft, Nikita Putin, Scrapyard 17, Steady Jordan, Vladimir Mazepin 

            ❌ Failed: Top of the Crop Stop Punt  |  This punt soooo nearly paid off thanks to Hamilton and Verstappen clashing again  |  Lost by: Camber Gamblers, Henry's Motors, Nikita Putin, Strolling the Ranks, Vladimir Mazepin 8pts, What Verstappened

             Failed or ongoing: Schu Shoo Punt  |  It looks like Schumacher is on the precipice - meanwhile, we should have failed this Punt for some teams in Mexico, so they are included here  |  Lost by: Nikita Putin, Scrapyard 17, Vladimir Mazepin  |  Still being played by: Strolling the ranks, What Verstappened 

            ➤ Ongoing: Seb's Last Stand  |  Still being played by: Alpine Fresh (auto), Work Shop Boys

            Adjustment: We're giving 1 Punt point to Work Shop Boys because we slightly under-pointed them in Mexico

            Hey, mate, Wanna buy some puppies? Get away from me, you disgusting pervert. Do something more worthwhile instead and play a Pitlane Punt now.  This includes the brand new Lax Max Climax punt. Bet against a Max win in Abu Dhabi now.

            MORE POINTS

            Here are the driver and constructor Track Points in Brazil.

            Here is the complete Losers team data for Brazil.

            And here's how it's affected the standings.

            Access your personal team page here.

            WHAT'S NEXT?

            We have one race left in the 2022 season, after which we will announce the 2022 champion of the F1 Losers League.

            You can make a last-ditch attempt at loserdom with a Forecast, a Punt or an Ejector Seat if you want. You know where the links are.

            Before we reach our thrilling and/or boring climax, we'd like to thank everyone for participating in this year's League. Whether you furiously Punted your heart out, or entered your team and left it to wither with neglect, we appreciate you being involved. You are losers, every last one of you.

            The League will be back for 2023. Now get a Forecast in for Abu Dhabi or we'll break your face.