Sunday 4 September 2022

The Bernie Earner (closed)

Pitlane Punt: Play the Bernie Earner

This Pitlane Punt has now closed to new entries.

Former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has had a tumultuous year. He got in hot water for comments about Putin and racism, and he's currently being dragged through the courts.

Will the famously outspoken character clean up his act? Probably not.

Predict that Bernie Ecclestone will be the subject of a new scandal any time in the next month. Read on to play this Punt.

The bet:

  • Bet that Bernie Ecclestone will make headlines for bad comments or bad behaviour.
  • The scandal has to happen within one calendar month of playing this punt.
  • The League will be judge and jury about the definition of 'scandal'.
  • A note about his ongoing court case regarding financial assets in Singapore. A simple report on that court case will not win this punt. Being found guilty or being jailed will certainly count as a punt win.
The odds:
  • 4:1 odds
The stake:

  • Up to 6 of your Losers Points.


  • If you place this bet with a 6-point stake and Bernie is caught chasing kittens through Times Square with a burning pitchfork, instead of paying your stake, you win 24 points.


  • Your bet will expire exactly one calendar month from submission.


  • The result will be announced in race scores following the Bernie scandal, if successful, or following your bet's expiration, if unsuccessful, where your stake will be paid or your winnings given.

Use this form to place your bet (or email us). The League reserves the right to change the terms of this Punt without notice. There are other active Pitlane Punts. See them here.