Friday 4 March 2022

Enter the 2022 F1 Losers League: deadline is lights-out in Bahrain on 20 March

F1 Losers League - enter now

Entries are open for the 2022 F1 Losers League.

This is a low-tech fantasy league in which you run the worst possible Formula One team. You get points for backmarkers and blunders and retirement and regret.

All you need to do is pick:

then give your Losers Team a name – and you're good to go! The entry form is here.

At every F1 race, your terrible choices will earn your team Track Points. Watch out for cars that retire or finish way down the order: these will earn the most points. Go to this page to see exactly how Track Points will be awarded.

It's easy to get your picks wrong early in the season, especially with all the new rule changes. Fear not! You can make changes to your team choices using Ejector Seats. In fact, we strongly fine-tuning your team throughout the season using Ejector Seats..

You can attempt to add to your Track Points by:

Sometimes these don't pay off. Often, they do.

It's your choice as to whether you run a high risk team strategy, throwing everything at the wall, or play it cautiously with low-stake Punts. Last year HAASN'T A CHANCE won the League with their choices Latifi, Raikkonen, Tsunoda and Haas. They were one of our most active teams, but they were fairly cautious on strategy until a bold last-minute Pitlane Punt edged them to victory. It was glorious to watch!

Entry to the F1 Losers League is free, and the deadline is lights-out at the opening Bahrain grand prix on March 20th. We have limited entries, so get your team entered now – you can change it as much as you want before the season starts without losing any Ejector Seats. Enter now!

Let's go racing... slowly.

Last year's top ten Losers Teams: 1st HAASN'T A CHANCE, 2nd Team Name, 3rd LockedDownLosers, 4th Pierre Ghastly, 5th VroomDoom, 6th Panda Pops, 7th NEEEOOOOWWWW, 8th Gunther's Gonna Get Ya, 9th Tardi Minardi, 10th Haas Beens.

Last year's worst drivers: 1st Nikita Mazepin, 2nd Mick Schumacher, 3rd Yuki Tsunoda, 4th Nicholas Latifi , =5th George Russell (!), =5th Kimi Raikkonen.

Last year's worst constructors: 1st Haas, 2nd Williams, 3rd Alfa Romeo.