Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Tool up with the Lucky Spanner

The Lucky Spanner is now available to all Losers Teams.

Imagine it's Christmas Day. You grab a present from underneath the tree, the one with the sparkliest wrapping paper. You tug at the sellotape and rip away the wrap. Inside you find... a spanner.

"Thanks," you sigh, faking a smile to the family you secretly hate as you feel the weight of dozens of Christmases to come.

You all now have a spanner! The Lucky Spanner can only be used once. It self-destructs your entire team, randomly replacing all your team members (with some caveats – see the Lucky Spanner page). You then start scoring points with your newly respawned Losers Team. 

If you're scoring decent points in the Losers League, then you won't need the Lucky Spanner. In fact, it's best avoided, like poison ivy, quicksand and Piers Morgan. 

However, if you're in the points doldrums and can't be bothered with all this Forecast and Punt business, wield the Spanner. Nuke your team. Start afresh!

Waggle that spanner now.