Saturday, 29 May 2021

Driver & constructor points: Monaco grand prix

A Ferrari F1 car being hoisted above the track with a distant crowd member saying "hold on, that's cheating"

What an amazing moment. Charles Leclerc netted poll position at his home grand prix in Monaco, the first Monegasque to do so in 80 years. Not only that, it was Ferrari's first poll position since 1066, when the prancing horse was an actual horse, and the hapless race director featured all the wrong things on the Bayeux Tapestry.

So when Leclerc dinged his driveshaft and failed to make the grid for the race, we knew this was a true F1 Losers League moment. The spirit of loserdom drifted in from the docks and settled on the narrow streets: the yachts sunk a little lower in the water; the chandeliers in the hotels lost their sparkle. Monaco, you are ours now. Mwhahahahaha...

...Er, sorry, where were we? Oh yes. What could have been a boring procession to the finishing line, which it was because it's Monaco, turned into a key loser moment of the year. Poor Charles. He inevitabley scooped up Losers Points along with Ferrari, but what about the rest of the Monaco mêlée? Read on.


Raikkonen, Ricciardo, Alonso, Russell, Latifi, Tsunoda, Mazepin and Schumacher scoop up 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 points respectively for their finishing positions outside the top ten at the Monaco grand prix. Leclerc scored a DNS (Did Not Start) and Bottas racked up a DNF (Did Not Finish), so they both get 10 points for a retirement.

Time for the Earliest Exit and Backwards Bonus points. Here's where things get unusual. Bottas was the first retirement of the race, but it seems unfair to ignore Leclerc's failure to make the starting grid. Therefore, they both get the 5-point Earliest Exit bonus. And if that wasn't odd enough, nobody gets the Backwards Bonus. Not a single car lost places in the race: they either finished in the same position they started the race, or they gained places from retirements. 

We're awarding three Beige Flags for drivers in Monaco. Leclerc, obviously, because of the qualifying crash that broke his car, forcing him to sit out the race despite being in poll position. It was his home grand prix and this was the equivalent of getting locked out of his house. 10 points to him. Schumacher also gets 10 points for a practice session prang that ruled him out of qualifying entirely.

The final driver Beige Flag is for something much more dramatic. A couple of weeks ago, a naughty criminal tried to steal a Jeep Wrangler in the Western Mexico city of Guadalajara.  A gunfight ensured and a bodyguard got shot. The bodyguard? Part of the Perez family security. The bodyguard is doing okay, but Perez is not – his family drama earns him a 10-point Beige Flag.

Oh and Verstappen gets minus-25 for winning the race. Yuck. WIN. Such a small word that weighs so heavily on the Losers League's mind.

In summary: Leclerc 25 | Schumacher 18 | Bottas 15 | Perez 10 | Mazepin 7 | Tsunoda 6 | Latifi 5 | Russell 4 | Alonso 3 | Ricciardo 2 | Raikkonen 1 | Verstappen -25

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Alfa Romeo, McLaren, Alpine, Alpha Tauri, Williams and Haas score, respectively, 1, 2, 3, 6, 9 and 15 for their cars finishing outside the top ten. Ferrari and Mercedes get 10 points each for a non-start and a non-finish, along with 5 points apiece for the Earliest Exit: see our comments above for the reasoning on this.

We're awarding two Beige Flags for constructors in Monaco, and... drum roll... they both go to Red Bull. Footage from the Spanish grand prix showed Red Bull using a fancy flexible rear wing. This caused a technical scandal that could end up with F1 rule changes and inevitable legal challenges. It's a potential mess. 10 points to Red Bull.

Speaking of potential messes, turns out Red Bull supremo Christian Horner has a lucky loo. He told a podcast: "I have a lucky toilet at every circuit I go to and I have to make sure I visit that toilet before the start of every race." Ridiculous. Instant Beige Flag. 

That extra 10 points means Red Bull totted up 20 points-worth of Beige Flags in Monaco. However, this is instantly neutralised by the minus-25 points they get for winning the race.

We hope he washes his hands.

In summary: Haas 15 | Ferrari 15 | Mercedes 15 | Williams 9 | AlphaTauri 6 | Alpine 3 | McLaren 2 | Alfa Romeo 1 | Red Bull -5


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