Friday 26 March 2021

Let's get ready to trundle: the F1 Losers League is go this weekend

Carlos Sainz saying "I'm totally picking you for my losers team" and Charles Leclerc replying "shut up - I'm picking YOU"

The 2021 F1 Losers League is on the starting grid and will shortly be trundling its way through 23 races of underdog action.

Entries for the League close at 3pm GMT on 27 March 2021, at the start of the first qualifying session for the Bahrain grand prix. At that point, team choices are locked, and Losers Teams are bound by the rules of the Losers League.

"But Fat Roland, CEO of the F1 Losers League, we don't want to obey your rules: you suck," I hear you protest. Don't make me come over there. I have a wheel gun, a hose clamp and eighteen gallons of Swarfega, and I'm not afraid to use them.

After the Bahrain race has run its course, the League will get its calculator out and work out the results based on our scoring system. We'll usually update the site on the Wednesday following a grand prix, or earlier if we're feeling frisky. That update will comprise:

  • points earned by drivers and constructors in Bahrain, including our possibly unpredictable Beige Flag awards;

  • the Losers Team points earned in Bahrain;

  • the all-important first loserboard of the season: it's like a leaderboard, but for losers.

What happens after that? Teams might want to shuffle their DRS-allocated races. There's the Italian grand prix on April 18th. And on April 21st, we'll publish the season's first Pitlane Punts in which you can irresponsibly gamble the meagre points you've already earned.

A huge thank you, by the way, for those who have entered so far, and for those that have helped promote the league. We'll probably end up with about 20 teams, which I'll be really pleased with. This is not a big massive fantasy league: it's a home-grown affair created by someone who doesn't even drive, and if he did drive, it would be like Belgium 1998.

Don't forget that deadline. 3pm GMT sharp. Don't make me use the hose clamp.


Fat Roland
CEO: F1 Losers League